Introducing the Cardiac Protection Plan

Cardiac Health

Introducing the Cardiac Protection Plan

Why wait for a cardiac event to happen? Preventative health care is the best way to ensure a long and happy life with your loved ones.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer and source of disability for both men and women in North America, and kills more Canadians and Americans than the next seven causes of death combined – including cancer. Each year more than one million North Americans suffer from a heart attack, which is often fatal.

Cardiovascular disease affects the blood vessels of the heart and other vital organs, hardening and narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis) often leads to further damage which can result in heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

Vascular injury may start from adolescence and can progress slowly. Unfortunately, cardiovascular disease is often detected in advanced stages, having progressed for decades. By modifying risk factors, slowing the progress of cardiovascular disease is possible, and should be a top priority in maintaining good cardiac health.

Due to burgeoning costs and an aging population, the Canadian health care system is currently unable to fund preventive health care, including prompt diagnostic testing and routine screening.  However, both the American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine recommend cardiovascular screening in asymptomatic, middle-aged men and women. 

The Cardiac Protection Plan at False Creek Healthcare Centre provides access to world class cardiovascular expertise and technology. The Cardiac Protection Plan will assess your current cardiac condition, and recommend a protection plan to limit your risks for cardiovascular disease.

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